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During the construction period of the Autobahn A 62 in the middle of the 1970 ies several very productive occurrences of agates were unearthed. A distance of only a few hundred meters offered completely differently looking agates. The distinctive patterns of these agates of the Leitzweiler Brücke, the Galgenhügel or the Erntekreuz are familiar to each agate-collector. A further place of discovery, which was so far not documented, and which supplied a new step of excellence in agatepattern, became accessible by earthwork only toward the end of the building phase of the A 62.

 It was in the last large trench before Neubrücke on the hillside belonging to Gimbweiler. At that time the entire building site was protected by order forces against collectors by restrictive rules. It was very difficult to get a more or less legal entry to the workings.

 The agates of this place of discovery show up usually in flattened nodules in a size of 20cm in diameter. The exterior is very sharp edged, because a lot of printings of now soluted rhomboedrical calcite-crystals can harm the skin.

In the center the agate is throughout porcelain-like and opaque. The agate is showing interesting orange, yellow, red and violet tones. ”Liesegang-Zeichnungen” are enriching the anyway already colourful pattern of the rocks.