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The agates of the Leitzweiler bridge belong to the best agate-findings, which could be made during the building phase of the Autobahn A 62. Unfortunately this relatively small place of discovery (it was limited to the northern bridge foundations of the bridge crossing the Autobahn between Leitzweiler and Hahnweiler) was accessible only short time because of the improper behavior of some agate collectors. After the imposition of a collecting prohibition within the entire range of the motorway construction place only few collectors were allowed to work here officially. Agates were collected mainly by the Reichweiler agate collector Karl Theis, as well as from a 2-man squad, which was paid for by the agate enthusiastic regional Landrat Held. After his death, the Gem Museum in Idar acquired the collection of Held in the year 2012. The matching pieces in the collection of the Museum of precious stones were inventoried.After this selection they sold the rest. This agate (7), which was acquired by Ruedi Lüssi comes from these stocks.

The agates of this place of discovery are very distinctive. The nodules are flat ellipsoidal or teardrop-shaped with diameters up to 30 cm. The agates are showing fine banding and intensively red to brown-red colours inside. Blue or yellow tones are rarer. Stones of this place of discovery need, in order to be able to show their true colour fire, a strong lighting (at the best naturally sunlight). The colour distributionin the pieces can be very different. Also the Liesegang-Phenomenon is causing interesting patterns. The occurrence of well recognizable pigment-aggregation is as typically as the occurrence of “Water- Level-Agates.