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The agate-finding-area called Erntekreuz is very often mentioned together with the speedway contruction. But these agates were found  shortly after the end of the construction while drainage works in the proximity of the motorway. Agates from Erntekreuz can be identified normally very easy:

- as an early formation in all agate-nodules we find a layer of not banded but whirl-structured chalcedony so called "Wolkenachat" (cloud like agate-formations) - rarely colourful, mostly snow white. In the inside there are layers of banded agates, either jet black and reddish, or in yellow and pink pastels. The "water-level-pattern" is quiet common. Some agates are showing the highly desired “Liesegang-Phenomenon-Pattern". It is caused by a later stage infiltration of colourizing-solutions and it is articulated in rhythmically ordered fine colourful stripes or veins. These stripes are orientated diametral to the common agate-banding.The agate-location "Erntekreuz" was only accessible during the foundation engeneering works, today no more agates can be found.