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The real paradise for agate-Collectors is the Agate Creek in Queensland. This is the location for intensivly coloured and interestingly structured agate nodules. This location is opened for the public ( only two mining areras must not be entered ) - and near to the location it is possible to stay on an official camping-ground.

Several locations where you can dig for agates - like “Blue Hills” (red and blue colurs dominate, pastels do occur too), “Simpsons Gully” (intensivly yellow, greenish and orange colours do occur) ... - are concluded in the name Agate Creek. In the Creek itself you´ll find mixed the agates from all regions..

More to the west of the location you can find intensivly coloured lithophysae-agates (Thundereggs) too. Sometimes they show several different pattern in one specimen.

Besides the conventionel concentrical fortification banding, you´ll find the straight parallel layers of the ”Water-Level-Banding” too (in lithophysae and nodules). This Type of agate-banding is not rare at agate creek.

More informations about this topic are given at www.gemfields.com .

Sir Paul Howard KRO wrote an important book about this finding locality: “Fossicking for Queensland Agate” .Beside impressive pictures it offers a lot of useful things like maps, informations about poisonous animals of this area, how to behave in case of an accident etc.