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More to the west of the agate-nodule locations you can find intensivly coloured lithophysae-agates (Thundereggs) too in the Agate Creek Area.  Sometimes they show several different pattern in one specimen.

The colours presented in the lithophysae are nearly the same as in the agate-nodule finding-places. An vivid red and a greenish-yellow are predominantely.

Besides the conventionel concentrical fortification banding, you´ll find the straight parallel layers of the ”Water-Level-Banding” too. This type of agate-banding is not rare at agate creek. A natural “tilt” caused by tectonical movements ist typical for this type of agates.

Some lithophysae are showing nicely adularescent  feldspars in the matrix.

More informations about this topic are given at www.gemfields.com .

Sir Paul Howard KRO wrote an important book about this finding locality: “Fossicking for Queensland Agate” .Beside impressive pictures it offers a lot of useful things like maps, informations about poisonous animals of this area, how to behave in case of an accident  etc.