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In the city district Planitz as well as in severel coal-mining shafts a permian amygdaloite is situated. Its surface-width is about 3 km² and its thickness is reaching 20m to 30m. It is bearing elliptical agate-nodules up to a size of 8cm.

More important for agate-collectors is another source of agates. In the early 1990ies Agate collectors could collect a new type of lithophysae in Planitz. A paläorhyolithical rock was opened trough construction works. This rhyolithe is bearing lithophysae containing bluish chalcedony and weak banded agates. A lot of these agates found a place in local agate-collections - even if the time for collecting these specimen was only short. After finishing some construktion work for a supermarket and a parking lot there was´nt any posibility to collect more of these agates.

Typically for these lithopysae are the dark brown coloured matrix. In the center not only agate was showing up. There could be found smoky-quartz as well as amethyst. Sometimes  pseudomorphs after rhomboedrical carbonates could be found too.

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