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The discoverer of this location is a German, Joachim Pfeiffer, who immigrated years ago to Morocco. He has sold Moroccan agates since the 1990’s in Germany. The location is distributed along a small mountain range, 40km north of Khemisset.

The agates are as large as 20 cm in diameter, and often have a green outer crust of celadonite or chlorite. This crust can also be found as fragments within agates displaying “membrane trümmer” structure. A typical agate from this location has a thick red (rarely intensively colored) outer band, followed by bands of yellowish, pinkish and bluish-white hues. Beautiful crystal aggregates of golden or brown Goethite are visible in the red chalcedony outer band.

Also, the rare reddish mineral lepidokrokite occurs in spherical aggregates, which consist of leaf-shaped small crystals in this layer. The flat hat-shaped to conical agate nodules may be partly hollow geodes. Various pseudomorphs are well-known from this discovery site: chalcedony formed after needle-like minerals (zeolites, aragonite), (pseudo-) cubic or rhombohedral minerals (calcite, fluorite).