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After the find chances had developed in the year 2005 so positively on Waeschertskaulen by the new building of the water-station, I thoroughly examined the entire range. On the surrounding fields, which lead mainly basaltic rocks, no surprise was shown however: agates, formed quite similary to those of the finds of 2005, only smaller in size and with more cracks and a large quantity of typical red jaspers, partially with substantial quantities of hematite.

In those first as sterile assumed field zones, which are dominated of gravel-layers of the Kuseler fangglomerate formation, agates of a singular type showed up extremely rarely: they show a yellow (golden) to brown-red intensive colour with only weakly formed banding. Also formations of so called “ sagenitic agate” (pseudomorphic formations after needle-like formed minerals) are very frequent . The agates seem only little waterworn contrary to the quartz peebles of the Kuseler formation. These so-called "Grenzlagerschichten" extend over the northwest part from Waeschertskaulen to Veitsrodt.