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In the late 1990ies within the highest range of the Lay Hill, in the transition to Waeschertskaulen, some industrial buildings were established - among them the new building of the Haupt company. Contrary to the other foundation excavations zones of a vesicled amygdaloite was hit here. Unfortunately most nodules found here contained fillings of macro-crystalline formed quartz - and only a small amount of collectible agate. Also were filled many of them with carbonatic formations in different generations. These structures often remind of the classical finds in the nearby Juchem Quarry in Vollmersbachtal Valley. The few agates that were found by the collectors are showing whitish, greyish and creamy colours.

The occurrence of violet-coloured agate-nodules was remarkable for the region around Idar Oberstein. These agates usually were very fresh and transparenct - however also only weakly banded.