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“... When I was driving toward Marfa, Texas from Van Horn, Texas, I noticed a "Rocks for Sale" sign. Because of right timing, I stopped and there was a lady who set up benches with rocks sitting on them. I started noticing agate there and there and i asked her where did she got them from. She pointed toward Van Horn Mountains to the west. That is all of the information I have from her since it's hard for a deaf person like me to communicate with her. I bought the agates roughs she found from the mountains. The vein agates are generally featureless, sometimes with yellow to orange colors as well as black colors...”

Jeffrey Anderson is describing this location on his website dwarve´s earth treasures.

These agates show great similarities with agates that I (Klaus Schäfer) could purchase in the United States - but in a rock shop in Minnesota - as the finding-location given were however the Apache mountains , neighboring the Van Horn Mountains  . The similarities are not only on the colour scheme - under which the black is the prominent - but also on early formed macro-crystalline quartz in connection with cloudy chalcedony in the outline areas of the vein structure.