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Since the year 2013, the Internet offered agates from China that can compete in their better qualities with other occurrences of agates of high-end worldwide.

Dietrich Mayer writes about the sites in his article "Top agates from China" Mineralienwelt 5 / 2014:

"... the finding-locations are in the province of Hebei in the district  Shanggu in the North of China... Farmer are digging in not officially licensed and sometimes extremely dangerous trenches specifically for agates in the basalt rock. There no access is possible without personal friends and acquaintances. The "traditional mines" are situated near the two villages of Dishuiya and Wangbatu, the "middle-class mines" in Beipo and Mujialiang...".

The agates of the "traditional mine" are offered at a higher price than those from the middle-class  mine, because they are more popular in China. They have nicknamed "Fighting Blood Agates" in China.

Similar as in the middle-class-mine agates, the exquisite collection worthy specimens in the rough material percentage is very low. In addition also the best qualities show cracks, in contrast to the agates of the middle-class-mine, which are mostly free of cracks. “Plume-structures” are very characteristic for this location. They can show up in the lower part of the nodules, but also can completely penetrate the nodules. The agates are characterized by the intense yellow and red tones. Micro-tectonic events can be found in the breccia-like inclusions, of some rarely occurring ruin-agates.