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Very interesting agates from the previously unknown finding area Toubkal reached  the international community of agate collectors in 2012. Although agates from Toubkal are relatively small-a maximum reach 14 cm in diameter, a size of 80 mm is average - they are very colorful. They also show yellow and blue-violet in addition to blue-grey, white and red tones. A variety that shows colors in a colorless chalcedony floating center (1, 3, 4, 5, 7) seduced  to locate several distinct sites in the finding area Toubkal. In hindsight, it was not a special type, but a universal phenomenon. There are also structural similarities with other Moroccan sites. The specimen 26 is showing the typical red skin and 6 and 10 the characteristic Pseudomorphs of finds from the area of Asni.


A lot of the agates shown here are coming from the book "Exquisite agates" published by Bode in 2013. Content of the book is the representation of the top specimen of the collection of Dietrich Mayer, perfectly photographed by Andreas Wawra.