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"Teiser spheres" (geodes from Teis) are famous under mineral collectors because of their content: interesting minerals in beautifully crystallized form, to which quartz in the form of agate and amethyst, zeolites (chabasite, thomsonite, laumontite, stilbite) as well as epidote, baryte, pumpellyita and the rare datolithe are belonging.

Agates of this place are rather inconspicuously, unfortunately usually from many fractures pulled through and coloured rarely intensively.

This finding-location is situated in the "Goestner Graben" in the Villnoesstal Valley and was last claimed by the collector Paul Fischnaller.

Further information to this finding location is given by J. Zenz in its book of "agates" (Bode publishing house, 2005) on the pages to 242 and 243.