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The way between the township of Idar and the Vollmersbach village was going in the earlier days trough a heavily worked quarry. Sometimes, if somebody would like to pass trough, he had to wait until the rock-blasting was done and the road was save again. Today the quarry is no more working and is being land-filled.

The characteristic nodules from Volmersbach quarry show a reddish wave-shaped crust, covered with ironoxide. In the center they are showing very often carbonatic formations. Very esthetical pseudomorphic formations after aragonite could be found here - so called “explosions”.Very rare from this location are finelined banded brownish to creamy coloured agates.

In the years 2012 and 2013, again larger boulders broke out off a quarrywall. Although the situation is to be unpredictable and very dangerous, good nodule findings finds were made. The coveted pseudomorphs after calcite - the so-called "explosions" - could be found again (45, 43). The nodules in addition show a colored luminescence under long-wave Ultraviolet light (30, 38, 43). Many nodules but contained agate only as a thin layer at the rim, or consisted entirely of carbonate. Also the greenish ankerite occurred in addition to calcite (31, 33). Very small distorted crystals of chalcopyrite were sometimes included in the agate.