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Mineralogically seen the paragenesis is quite monotonous in the Langenthal quarry, situated in a side valley of the river Nahe above Monzingen. The occurrence of awesome crystallized carbonates - calcite, dolomite and siderite - under mineral collectors registered a certain popularity . This place was however also the source for partially enormous and compact Jaspisbrocken up to a half meter size of reddish, brownish and yellow hue. In order to keep the discovery site secret, the location was indicated alternatively as "quarry near to Sobernheim" or "quarry near to Kirn".

In the year 2003 modest finds were made of vein-agates, which partly remind in their structure of the “flowerjaspers” from Steinhardt. Interesting developed layer-like jaspers formed of silicified ferric oxide formations arose together with solid carbonates. These layers appear in the polished section partially as whirling river of thin coloured lines. Unfortunately the polishing ability of this material leaves to be desired.