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The Dienstweiler quarry has become famous for its exepitionel big nodules. They are reaching sizes up to 3 feet diameter by a length of 6 feet. But hose times are gone. They were found in the middle 1970ies until the 1980ies - then the quarry was closed. Those nodules include crystalized quartz (sometimes smoky-quartz and amethyste). In the hollow center of this nodules the minerals calcite and goethite were found in georgeous crystals.

The agates from this this quarry could reach giganteous sizes too: one piece in the “Heimatmuseum Idar - Oberstein” has a diameter from 2 and a half feet. But those big one´s do not show us the nice colorization that the little one´s are presenting.

A very interesting structure-typus from this quarry is the “curtain-agate”. This structure was formed when small particles from the top of the nodule sunk into the still formable chalcedonic jelly. Their traces did form this unconventionell fortification banding.