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The world most important agate resources are occuring in the Brazilian state Rio Grande do Sul. Approximately 3000 tons of agate are exported each year from this area. The most important localities for agate are near the cities of Soledade and Salto da Jacui. Giving a more detailed location for a single agate specimen is nearly impossible because most mining operations are running only for a short time, and the ”mine run” from several mines is collected and mixed by local dealer.

But if you were to look at all of the Brazilian agates for sale in Idar-Oberstein, you would recognize several different types, based on their characteristics. The following galleries of Brazilian agates are organized as to the dealer who provided the rough material, not the specific location they were collected from.

(This view is very subjective when you are considering the diversity of Brazilian agates).

Otto Bühl 2003

Hugo Schuler 2003

Walter Veeck 2002

Christian Weinz 2008

Christian Weinz 2009

Otto Bühl Whiteskin-agates 2005

Saldo Specials

One of the biggest from Rio Grande do Sul to Idar-Oberstein exported agate-nodules. The nodule weigths approximately 1500 kilograms.