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“...Sinara Agate occur from the southern Urals. Named after the river on the banks of which they are mined. The mine is located near the village of Zyrianka in the Kurgan region. Approximate coordinates 56 º 13' north 62º 08' east. These agates are, in my opinion, the most common agates from Russia...”

pers.report from M. Egorov

“... The Sinara agate deposits are part of a large territory. There are many points of agate-finding between Kamensk-Uralsk town in Sverdlovsk region and Shadrinsk town in the Kurgan region. The most famous and richest point are on the left bank of Sinara river, between the villages Zyrianka and Chernushka in the birch forest .There are few buried placers of agate at the different depths here. Main layers are: First the “ under vegetation layer”, second at the depth of 1.5-2 meters, and third at the depth of 5.5-8 meters. The largest agates (up to 10 kilograms!) are coming from the deepest layers. Most of the agates are nodules but some are indeed cores of thundereggs (9, 12, 15 ). Unfortunately, complete thundereggs with the sorrunding lithophysae were not found. The main colors are yellow, orange, red, brown. Characteristic patterns are  fortification- and moss-patterns (local name - a flower agate) with a large number of inclusions of different shapes and colors.Water-level-pattern is exceedingly rare...”

According to personal communication with Alexander Lukinikh.

Some agates are showing the holosperulithical pattern ( 5, 10 )