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West of Montrose, forming a roughly part of the scotisch shoreline, the agate-finding location of Scurdie ness is situated. Besides the common bluish-grey agate-varieties sometimes more intensively coloured and fine banded specimen can be collected here.

“ ... Agates are found in the rocks around the lighthouse at Scurdie Ness. To the north west the agates tend to be grey and usually contain some crystal filled regions. Some contain pale pink or purple colored regions. Sizes are up to about 50 mm and many nodules are completely crystal filled. To the east and south east one can find red/orange/brown agates in addition to the grey ones. The largest agates are about 100 mm. Some agates are very porous and weak but have nice red/orange/white colors...” according to personal commubication with Alexander Cooper.

More informations about scottish agates are given in Dr.H.G. Macpherson´s book “agates” (published by the British Museum (Natural History) and the National Museums of Scotland).

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