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Out of fokus - the little agate-deposit at Schwarzenbach village is not familiar to the german agate-collectors. Near to the Peterberg mountain in the northern Saarland situated is a little amygdaloite-occurence that is surprising us with nice agate-nodules. Findings were possible to do while house-construction work in the year 1997.

Typical for the agate-nodules from this location is their rough greenish skin. Regulary they have a weak banding - but occasionaly fine lined pattern produces “shadow-effects”.

The nodules from this area are showing patterns in white, greyish and bluish tones - accentuated by little dots of iron-oxides “Pierre de Saint-Stephane” Typical for the agate formation in this area are stalaktitic patterns. Rare for this location are pseudomorphic formations after fibrous (zeolithic ?) minerals.