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The little village Rueckweiler is situated in the western direction of Freisen. During the road-constructions works for the autobahn A 62 a lot of fine agate-findings could be made from agate-collectors. Today only a historical review is possible on these findings in the museum of Freisen and Oberkirchen and in the collections of passionated agate-collectors. Todays finding-possibillities are limited. Only on the fields around Rueckweiler it is possible to find small nicely coloured and strucured agate-nodules. A reddish skin, megaquartz-chalcedony- interchanging-layers and non gravitavely caused level-banding is distinctive for one special type of agates that is occuring in the area of Leitzweiler too. Another type of agates is coloured white, has a fine-lined banding and is showing “water-level-structures”. A third type is presenting an early formation of “cloudy agates” in its pattern. Some of them are showing fine pastels. The “Liesegang-Phenomenon” can be found in all of these types of agate. Another interesting aspect of agate-formation is shown in the pattern of some nodules by the “missing parts of agate-banding” - this effect is caused by disturbing the silica-gel system in an early formation stage by breaking the vesicel. Through the cracks some quantities of the silica-gel are vanished.