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The fields around Rimsberg represent a well well-known and also worthwhile agate-finding region in the Saar-Nahe-Area. If one is not in the season the latter in a row the chances are not at all bad so to find here something beautiful. However the agate nodules of Rimsberg are usually small and show a multiplicity of tears. Their orientation when cutting  is important for for the result: they usually show in their lower range a space filled up with carbonates, ferric oxides and cloudy formed Chalcedony. This material can disturb the pattern of a small agate sensitively. Sometimes therefore perhaps four, five specimen remain after cutting  the work of one week collecting (also to two buckets of closed nodules) that will be judged as collectionable items.

Agate collectors are looking particularly for the rare greenish coloured agate-nodules of Rimsberg, as well as pieces, which show the "Liesegang-phenomenon".