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Reichweiler is famous for its beautifully colored and interesting structured agates. These originate from the Karrenberg quarry , which was active from the 1920ies into the late 1970ies, and from the finding area “Neubaugebiet”.

Since 1965 in the so-called Bruchwasem of Reichweiler a development area was proven. With the new building work taken place agate-nodules in the excavations could be collected, which originally originate from the southeast range of the Karrenberg Vulkanite.

The best places of discovery were according to the information of Fritz Wahl - a famous collector from Reichweiler- however the landfills south of Reichweiler.

He visited these landfillings during the construction work nearly daily . Today these fills are the basic structure of the sports field of Reichweiler.

These agates are to be differenciated from those of the Karrenberg quarry via their stressed outer skin. Also there was a large number of vein-agates (“Lieser-agates”) to find between the nodular agates, which are typical for the eastern range of the Karrenberg. Also the formation of pseudomorphs is differently to those of the recent agate-findings in the western range of the Karrenberg.