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“...The Radium Springs bed is located in Dona Ana County, New Mexico. The core agate is invariably an extremely thin biconoid core, and are therefore tricky to cut. They are known for their generally flawless agate in pastel shades of lavendar, blue, and pink, with wispy reds and whites, all translucent. The matrix is a mottled cream, gray, and black, and it takes an excellent polish...”

written by “Yellow Dog Rock”

“:::Mined by Paul Calburn, the thundereggs tend to come in large sizes but mostly with narrow agate cores that the cuts have to be made along the agate core to get large faces. The agates are usually colorless with bluish and reddish tints and few have banded features. There had been reports of some specimens with marcasite inclusions..”

written by Jeffrey Anderson. More informations are given at Jeffrey Anderson´s website