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The Polka-dot-agate beds belonged in former times to the old Priday Ranch - meanwhile the finding area lies on the arreal of the Ochs Ranch. Polka-dot-agate (designated after the large, multicolored spots on skirts swung with the hip dancing Polka) is a vein-agate,  not a Thunderegg. Its spots and the further colored design in ocher, brown and bluish gray tones predestine this material than particularly suitably for cuttings, in which landscape-similar or scenic designs are to be worked out.

J. Zenz mentions a contribution of H. Gamma in its book of agates I (Bode publishing house, Haltern, 2005), in which the enormous size of the Polka-dot-agate veins is described. They are able to reach a size of up to 12m x 4m.