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The find of this new gem stone material succeeded by extended researches in the find area of the Ocean Jasper, after its occurrences went in the year 2009 to the slope. (pers. report of company Fritz Mueller, Tiefenstein).

This Jasper replaces a vulcanic rock by silification, which is secondarily colored by infiltration of pigments. Beside rather usual brown, red and yellow-tones this material shows also a strong blue. This brought in the name “Polychrome Jasper” (for much colors) for it. The colored infiltrations form beside  landscape-like pictures also an eggshell-pattern similar to the patterns of northamerican precious jaspers, such as Morrissonite or Bruneau Canyon Jasper. With a lucky cut, these patterns are remaining chrysanthemum flowers.


More fine specimen of this location You´ll find at Hans Gamma´s “World of Jaspers”.