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Near the Piedra Parada, a 240 m high Monolith east of the township of Esquel, is a very interesting locality for lithophysae situated. A complete hill near to this monumental rock is compoesed of myriads of globular shaped lithophysae. At this place it is very easy to collect superb esthetically formed compositions of agate-bearing globes.

The spherulithical structure of the rockformation “Perlite” is easily recognizable because the center of spherulithical growing is contrasting in a pale colour to the brownish surrounding rim of the lithophysae.

The agate that is showing up in the cavities of the lithophysae is only weak banded - thin brownish bands against a greyish-blue matrix of chalcedony. “Water-level-agate” formations are quiet common. Very often this “waterlevel-agate” is representing interchanging layers of greyish-blue chalcedony and white opal.

More informations about this locality are given from Peter Jeckel in his article “Achate aus Patagonien” Lapis 10, 2005.