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The 1960's seemed to be the era of discovery for jasper in Oregon and Idaho. Owyhee Jasper is one of the most dramatic jaspers with the combination of red, creamy white, ochre and black. A man by the name of Bruce Markus has been reported to have discovered this gemstone while chasing wild horses in his VW bug. It was really just a matter of luck, having stopped at the top of a hill. He and a friend got out to look around and stumbled across small boulders of what was to become known as Owyhee Picture Jasper. According to reports, he and his companion picked up about 300 lbs. of the rough in an hour or so and was able to sell it easily to a local rock shop. He staked a claim and started producing this jasper. As with most deposits of this kind, the supply is finite and will someday be depleted,


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