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A visit in the mineral museum in Oberkirchen is must on the agenda of each agate collector visiting the Saar-Nahe region. It is probably the only place, at which one can visit such a large multiplicity of agates of the classical place of discovery Weiselberg. Also the adjacent find regions are presented here. The probably most well-known picture stone from the agate occurrences of the Saar-Nahe region is the highlight of the collection, the “sunset”. The collection originated in the collection of the Augustinus Stein - a pioneer of the agate collecting . Then the collection was gradually supplemented by donations and continuous loans from regional resident collectors (Paul, Heidemann, Kießling…). Personally bound showcases were granted to these founders.

The collection belongs to the convention community Freisen, this guaranteed on the one hand their status and promotes on the other side the identification of all native ones with this aesthetically responding, mineralogically singular and emotional forming aspect of their homeland. Beside agates the museum shows also a multiplicity of minerals. To emphasize are here the unique Goethite specimen. Needlelike black and brown - even golden colored crystals of this ironoxide  decorate magnificent smoky-quartz specimen of the quarry Helleberg quarry near Freisen and of the quarry Bernhard near Reichweiler in glittering groups. Barytes of the nearby pit Clarashall, Baumholder, crystallized also well, are shown too.

Informally and didactically the visitor of the museum needs a company by a leader, which is also offered here and accomplished competently. Information given by diagrams, dioramasare missing. An interactive website is planned. Opening times: each first Sunday in the month from 13.00 to 18,00 o'clock, entrance freely, photographing permits.