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Toward the end of the 19th and into the center 20th Century Gemstone-cutteries and commercial firms from Idar Oberstein were running a jasper mine  in Nunkirchen. The goal of the dismantling was not a multicolored-colored stone, but a white, inconspicuous raw material. This could be teinted with Berlin blue coloured light-genuinly and represented at that time a demand gemstone material, because one could imitate the popular Lapis Lazuli with it.

This blue-colored Jaspis came into the trade in Germany under the name “German Lapis” . In the English-language area it was acted also as “Swiss Lapis”. This place of discovery was for collectors up to the recultivation by the company Wild & Co. in the year 2005 accessible.



more informations are given at:

H. Schmitt” Deutscher Lapis - Der Nunkirchener Jaspis und seine Verwendung” in Lapis 9/ 2009

- the Bergbau-Inventar von Dr.G. Müller