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The finding-site of the agate shown here in front and back is located near the village of Novoburino in the Chelyabinsk region in the southern Urals. Agates are easy to be found at this site. This specimen receives his special pattern by ingrown chalcedony stalactites.

According to the personal report of. M. Egorov is the finding zone aproximately at 55 ° 59' north and 61 ° 39' east.

“... The Novoburino agate-deposit is located in the Chelyabinsk region. It is named as the nearest village. It has a second name - Karabolka (the name of the nearest river). Most commonly used name is simple Burino.
The Deposit is located in the small birch forest. The best agate-layer (buried placer) that is containing agates has a thickness of 1,5-2 meters. In the northern part of the Deposit it is located at a depth of 5-6 meters and in the South part reaches almost to the surface. There are agricultural fields at the South part. Until  the year 2000 it was only possible to gather agates superficial. When the farmers stopped to plough these fields mining up to 2 meters depth began to appear here. Composition of the layer is: sand, clay, quartz, flints and agate.
Agates are small, the maximum size of my findings is about 60 mm. But fragments of very large agates could be found too. Most of the stones are chipped and cracked, probably the placer is very ancient and transported hard. An indigenous source of this placer is unknown.
Most of agates are nodules, the core of thunder eggs are only found seldom. Unfortunately, complete thundereggs with surrounding lithophysae could not be found yet. The main colors of the agates are black, grey, yellow, blue. Combinations in black-yellow and black-blue are gorgeous. The color of the outer crust is usually black. The main patterns are fortofication- and moss-pattern...”

According to personal communication with Alexander Lukinikh