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The museum below the church-in-rock in Oberstein is presenting an nicely engraved box from a finely patterned ocre-colored gemstone-material. This Jasper, that its patterned by rhythmic settlement of precipitated ferric oxides in the stone originates from Egypt. Over this stone writes Peter Jeckel in its exhibition catalog of the agate fair in 2010:

… Water power of the Nile and the desert wind ...worked ... over millions of years. These from the outside inconspicuous nodules are showing often beautiful and distinctive patterns after sawing and polishing. Pictures of landscapes, dendrites and a concentric banding ... are typical. One finds rarely in this jasper-nodules inclusions of fossils. An emergence in sea sediments is to be accepted therefore and suggests the relationship to Flint ... Further namings are; Nile stone, Egypt stone, Egyptian Jasper or Sphere-Jasper. Typical colors are brown, ocher-yellow, beige and black. The places of discovery are situated south of Cairo in the desert. 1714 discovered Paul Lucas in Upper-egypt on the banks of the Nile this jasper, but these deposits are well known already in former times ... (R. Schmidt, 2005). Already in 17. and 18. Century was the “Nilkiesel” a popular gem stone..... the proof: In the famous collection of Anton Ulrich (1687-1763), duke of Saxonia - Coburg and Meiningen, are included several beautifully patterned box covers from ”Nilkiesel….

Further P  Jeckel mentions that a dealer works on the place of discovery now and offers this type of material. (look at royalsaharajasper.com, as well as on ebay). However the dealer claims the right of the first finder, conceals the long tradition of this gem stone and offers this jasper under a new trade name as “Royal Sahara Jasper “.

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