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On the territory of Nebraska the highly searched after “Fairburn Agates” do occur too. Also the agates from the region around Chadron originate from the Minnelusa formation. From this formation the agates wheathered out and were distributed over the “Great Plains.  The flats in Nebraska are again and again the source for sensationally “Fairburn Agates” findings, since they are not yet so strongly searched.

In 2012, I could trade some nice Fairburns at the agate show in Minnetonka which were found in "Pasture 27" near Crawford. The agates were hardly worthy to be collected in their unpolished state, but after polishing they revealed fantastic patterns. In addition to the Fairburn agates, also chalcedony of the "bubble gum-agate type" (similar to those from South Dakota ) is occuring.