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Yuhuashi - Rain Flower Pebbles - are regarded in China as national treasure. They originate from sediments, which were formed approximately 12 million years ago by the river Yangtse. In the course of the time these were converted into conglomerate banks, of which most well-known is the about 130 hectares large Rain Flower Bank in the south of Nanjing. The legend tells that at this place a monk, while reading buddistic literature was gifted by the sky with a flower rain. As the flowers landed on the soil they became colourful and beautifully drawn pebbles.

Yuhuashi are not only agates - probably their most beautiful representatives belong to. Collected are also quartzite, jaspise or petrified wood. The substantial point is their aesthetic effect. Produce Yuhuashi by their structures associations of concrete nature - as for example similarities with a tree, a face etc.. - these natural treasures became very estimated.

By their long transport by the Yangtse the Rain Flower Pebbles are having usually a fine, approximately shining skin. Traditionally these stones are not polished - they will only be cleaned and presented as small collections in white porcelain dished plates under water. Beautiful agate varieties from Nanjing are eye-, tube- and onyx-agates.

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