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The area around the little township of Nack is a worldwide known location for agates with fine colorization and pattern. But today it is more easily to meet rockhounds from every european nation at the highly visited finding places than to find some fine agates.

All around Nack, in vineyards and on the fields (the north-western fields are called among the collectors “the Beach”) multicolored agates can be found from a lucky collector. These nodules are water-worn and edge-smoothed. This agates are sometimes showing spherulitical formation and secondary colorization by erosion. The little “glasslike” nodules (translucent colorless drops of chalcedony) may show rarely in their interior cloudy and ribbon-like red colorization. These colorless chalcedonies can absorb iron-pigments from the soil and will show a vivid red colorization after a longtime drying and heating by sunligth. This variety of chalcedony is called carnelian.