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„The Morgan Hill Poppy Jasper “is very well-known also with European collectors. It  is occuring in a probably several kilometers long jasper-vein-system along the Santa Cruz Mountains in the Santa Clara County. The first finding location was a little rock-outcrop in the Prardise Valley südwestlich vom Morgan Hill -  that is the cause for calling it „Paradise Jasper“ in the 1930ies...The veins are situated in the geological range of the Fransiscan complex and are usually surrounded by serpentinites. The outstanding at this jasper is the close occurrence of spherical pattern  in a usually red-brown to red matrix. The yellow and orange colors of the concentric spherulithic formations are located in the best specimen in a strong contrast to the matrix…”

written by J. Zenz in his book “Achate III”, Bode Verlag 2011