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The region around Mambächel should be in today's opinion the place of discovery of the classical gem stone material “Panthera Jasper” (also as “Elephant Jasper” designates). From this stone one manufactured also ornate engraved small plastics beside cups and bowls. This material was exported also far beyond the national borders. Thus also the Medicis in Florence, Italy possessed work from this material in the 16th century. The same material was worked in “pietra dura”-technic in a table in the Hermitage in Saint Petersburg. For this material the honey to dark-brown matrix and the small black spots are typical.

Reference work: Ralf Schmidt - the gem stone collection of duke Anton Ulrich, Meiningen, publications nature-historical lock Bertholdsburg, Schleusingen, volume 10, 1995

Remark: This material could occur however in several places on the artillery range area. The excavations within the range of Mambächel (see also Mineralienverein Freisen) demonstrated that this Jasper is bound to the baryte occurrences. Thus discovery site data appear around the region Reichenbach (likewise baryte veins) as just as reliable. Also the mine “Clarashall” is similarly : the same jaspers were found in the pit. The find at the Breungesborn seems however the find of a misplaced specimen personal report of Ralf Schmidt .

If you should discover somewhere ancient artefacts which were manufactured from Panthera Jasper, - please inform me!


It is absolutely forbidden to collect any minerals at this place, because this location is a part of the artillery range area. Militarypolice is controling even this abandoned area regulary.