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The agate-finding locality Maiskoje - in the middle of the kazachian plains in a distance of 60km from Kurtschatov -became well known since the year 1999 in western europe by some brave kazachian guys, which pulled with a truck full of cut agates from collector to collector. The agate-collectors visited first had the choice from many good pieces to select - however the quality of the pieces sank thus likewise from visit to visit, as the price for the remaining stones rose.

Agates do not seem to be a rarity at Maiskoje - but salvage and transport require its price. These agates are formed in lithophysae - so they are “Thundereggs”. However the cavity of the lithophysae measuring up to 30cm is rarely formated star-shaped. Maiskoje agates are presenting wonderful colors and contrasts in tones of blue, yellow and red. “Water-Level-Formations” are widespread. Even more typical for this locality are the beautiful pseudomorphic formations. They are formed after early crystallized platy and thin or rhomboedrical carbonates.

J.Zenz reports on this finding location in his book Buch "Agates" ( Bode publishing house 2005 ) pages 294 and 295.