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River-Main agates occur in an area from Coburg to Aschaffenburg in Franconia. Here collectors are able to collect agates in gravel pits and on fields that are lying in the range of former River-Main banks. Some of these gravel-agates propably originate from the “Grenzkarneolhorizont” near Kronach in the Franconia forest. These red sandstone agates point large agreement with the gravel-agates. Agates from the River-Main contain usually a large part of macro quartz. They show colours over yellowish and brown until red. Their banding is usually only very weak and is more similar to jasper rather than agate. Interestingly enough they are showing a structural agreement with the Puma-Agates from Malargüe, Argentina - and prove however which unsurpassed variety is offered by german agates.


Karl Schneider is presenting more of this agates in his book. T contact him, use the following address:

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