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The lava Cap Thundereggs are originated from a finding location Lori Coleman discovered 2012 in the Florida mountains. The area was claimed and the yield began in January 2013.

The Thundereggs are characterized by a reddish brown, often beautifully structured aphanatic matrix. Inside, sometimes even the sphaerolithical center of the Thunderegg is visiblewhat makes those particularly interesting. The agates are often pale colored, usually whitish and greyish, rarely slightly brownish. The often abundant pseudomorphic formations after layered thin minerals (carbonates ?) are usually geometrically formed and black in colour, what distinguishes them from the curved Pseudomorphs of the Eggzilla mine. Also, the Thunder are smaller than here - in the average they reach 10 to 12 cm in diameter.

Lori Coleman shows more Thundereggs on the website of his "Spanish Stirrup" rockshop in Deming, New Mexico.