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In Holland a lot of european agate-collectors are residing. They are well known for their skillness in collecting agates, although Holland does not have any primary agate formations. The river rhine is washing agates from the locations in the Saar-Nahe-Region and the Blackforest to the shore.

One gravel pits is producing agate bearing material: it is situated near the village Lathum in the Arnheim area.

These agates are showing all characteristics from the deposits they were originated of (e.g Spherulites, Membrantrümmer-formations and Liesegang-Ring-phenomenons. ). Some of these agates are still originally coloured. Others are bleached, because they are longer deposited in the gravel and exposed for a much longer time to the wheathering. These are a similar to the river moselagates.


Very interesting informations about agate collecting are given from the following dutch agate collectors at their homepages: Rob de Jager, Henk Rayer and Rini Saat