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Once more - “Laguna Thundereggs!”

So far beautifully colored Thundereggs from  Mexican deserts were called “Laguna Thundereggs” in order to increase the value (e.g. the beautifully violet Galeana Thundereggs), these thundereggs should be authentically originated in the Laguna area. (according to personal report of Reiner Hoffmann-Rothe, Schauren, Germany) A mine or more exact topography is not so far known to him.

This new type of thundereggs has an outer skin composed of globules and a microphorphyritic structure. Now and then a blue adularising feldpatcrystal flashes, a characteristic in the matrix, which was common so far only of thundereggs of the Agate Creek in Australia.

The cavities inside the Thundereggs are often biconoidal, more rarely star shaped. Also they can be also symmetrically split, which actually represents a rare characteristic under thundereggs.

A separation in two parts of other kind is even singular: a Thunderegg is cut parallel as accurately like done with a knife along the center. The cavity was filled with a layered formed agate.

The agates in the inside are showing various colours with partial good contrasts. The thundereggs are so far relatively small - 80mm is the upper limit.