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The Koenigsberg Mountain at Wolfstein was in the past centuries a very important mining area. Our ancestors dug at this place for iron and mercury. In the 1960ies some trenches were dug near the “High Beech” to explore the uranium-ressources.

It was a surprise for me to find this peculiar jasper that is presented on this website in the cellar of an old rockhound. He found this gemmy material while roadconstruction workings at the Koenigsberg Mountain in the 1970ies. This material is a silificated rhyolithic rock showing a landscape pattern. Other patterns are very impressive too:clouds or vortexes and so one. This material is distinctive by showing little white inclusions of feldspar-crystals (often surrounded by a corona of brown iron-pigmentation) to other similar jasper (such as the wildhorse-jasper from Oregon).

This material is very fine working ( slabs from 2-3mm thickness are operationable) for jewellry. If polished, it shows a silky luster.

Unfortunately until today I could´nt recover again the position of the origin from this material at Koenigsberg Mountain.

Hans-Peter Schröder, Frankenthal is writing about this location in his article “Kosmisch – pfälzisch – gut! „Landschaftsporphyr“ vom Königsberg”  Lapis 1/2009