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Around the city of Baden-Baden several agate deposits are situated in vulcanic rock formations. These agates are formed as lithophysae. They show very often a nice star-shaped pattern. Usually they were only weak coloured in bluish, whitish and reddish tones. Some of them are showing a very interesting structural formation: paramorphs after platy carbonates.

You will find a detailed description of this phenomenon at: Paraiba-Agates.

All agates presented here are found in the numerous gravel pits between Baden-Baden and the river Rhine. In these gravel pits various types of waterworn agate, jasper and petrified wood can be found. Some of them are not from nearby - they are transported by the water more than one hundred miles.

Besides the typical agates from the region (1,2 ), agates from the Lierbachvalley - typus can be found (3). Other specimen are similar to the silificated Baryte-veins from near Sulzburg (4) or they are even similar to the sedimentary formed agates from Unteralpfen near Waldshut (5). Sandstone-formations south of Baden-Baden should be the place of origin of numerous non-banded Carnelians (6,7).

But this localities have become famous for their “polyhedroids” with their uncommon geometrical estethics.