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In the wooded hills near the village of Kerrouchen, agates are found in a small area that has been intensively collected over the years. Occasionally a beautiful large nodule is encountered during agricultural cultivation, but generally agates here have become rare. In addition, there is now a fee for collecting.

The form of the agate nodules is steeply hat-like to conical. Among the features of Kerrouchen agates are dendrites and plumes, which can consist of red and yellowish ferric oxides. Pseudomorphs after needle-like mineral crystals also occur here. Banding in pastel pink and yellow is common, while intensive colors are very rare. Grey and white banded agates with a pronounced shadow effect are encountered.  Kerrouchen agates may reach 30cm (12 inches) in diameter.

An experienced moroccan tourguide for rockhunting is Mr. Khalid Khallou aus Aouli. More informations are given on his website.