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The Kaokofeld in Namibia is the most sparsely populated region of Namibia. It is located in the North, on the border with Angola. This region is known mainly for its occurrences of well crystallized copper minerals. Mineral collectors appreciate especially the Dioptase, a green copper silicate, which is known from here in exceptionally large crystals and is mined in several places.

A mineral trader, who is known primarily for his beautiful quartz crystals, which he imported from Namibia, offered some wild ground and badly polished "specimen", where the Dioptase was intimately fused with a soft banded, white agate at the 2012 Niederwörresbach agate show. The idea that such material could inspire agate collectors, was already right - the intensively green up to 30 mm large, partially transparent Dioptase-crystals are giving a wonderful contrast to the soft floating clean and white agate - however the pieces were cut all in the wrong way and the polishing quality corresponded to the scarred surface of an old bar counter.

After a new cut and a carefully grinding the sensational quality of the material turned out . According to the trader, there should be but unfortunately no further rough rocks of this site because the occurrence of Dioptase and agate was locally  limited.