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In sedimentary hostrock formed agates from Kentucky belong to the most colourful agates of the world. They are famous for their “Mustard & Ketshup” - colours: intensive yellow in combination with splendourful red, grey and (to the most in demand) jet black in beautiful fortress-like structure let the agate collectors become speechless. Kentucky agates are usually found in the Estill or Powell County, now and then also in the Counties  Lee, Madison and Rockcastle. The sedimentary rock, in which they were formed is a limestone of the Border-formation. Agate places of discovery in Kentucky often lie on private area, where collecting is not permitted.

Telling the truth about the exact origin of an agate is not usually - lwrong location names are used as covering for not approved collecting. The places of discovery Jones Creek and Tickey Creek form an exception. They belong to the farm country of Lamon Flynn, which is a passionated agate collector himself. He looks for agates in the springtime in the small brooks running on its own country. In the further progress of the year algae cover the rooks in the small brooks, and in summertime even snakes are showing up. However he finds splendourful agates on his farm country, which was formed by sedimentation of gravel by small rivers, also while working in his garden.

The agates from  the Jones Creek are show particularly intensive and fresh colors.Yellow tones are common, accompanied by violet and red. The ”red banded black pattern” does occur here too.