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Agates from Armenia are  for approximately three years in the trade. So far these stones did not receive a particularly large attention, since only occasionally pieces (however to 20 cm diameters) in usual bluish-grey and white banded hue emerged.

See them at Jerry Schabers “agates of the world”.

In the year 2009 Armenian agates on the agate fair in Niederwörresbach near Idar Oberstein were the sensation: The offered pieces were clearly smaller, pointed however brilliant colors in yellow, orange and red tones, partially in beautiful contrast to green tecto-silicates, which particularly went with mossy-agates and “Membrantrümmeragates” into action. Beside these rather small jewels (up to maximally 8 cm diameters) also very beautifully formed pseudomorphs were offered after needle-like minerals, which reached  sizes up to 12 cm.

In the year 2012 again awesome agates from armenia were offered at the munich show of minerals (24, 25)