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It was not possible long time to collect on the Hoppstaedter height because this by the tenants was forbidden, the following generation of young farmers permitted a collecting. This agate-finding location was a singular source of beautifully formed agates. Meanwhile the secret is not more, each agate-bearing surface several times in the year is run off - the find chances went strongly back. However remarkable findings of fine agate-specimen succeeds also nowadays again and again.

On the height east of Hoppstaedten small agate-bearing spots are extensively distributed. These are sometimes partially rich zones with various agate-patterns. Beside moss-agates cloud agates and fortification-agates can be found. There are here very beautiful blue agate formations apart from intensively red and orange tones. In Hoppstaedten the occurrence of unusually yellow colored agates is remarkable. Also first-class pseudomorphous formations after aragonite (recognizable from their pseudohexagonal cross section) are originated here. Beside highly transparent agate-nodules, which grant a deep view into their inside, do occur non-transparent, porcelain-like agates with fine banding.