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Supporter of the “museum Idar Oberstein below the church-in-rock” is the association Heimatfreunde eV. The reorganisation of the exhibitions was succesfull - focussing the distance to the earlier somewhat oldfashioned local history museum with dioramas full of native animals. The adjustment on an experience museum was so far not yet  performed. For the agate collector - who is expectinge to admire the specimens and not the performance - this way is always better. And the proposal to admire specimens is given. The historical treatment of agates is represented  in an authentic gemstone-cuttery, which was rebuild here up to the smallest detail.

One finds a multiplicity at exhibits, which were manufactured in earlier times in exactly this way. In addition, the agate-findings of the environment are documented in detail: the visitor can admire specimen, found with the motorway construction of the 1970ies he will be overwhelmed by one of the largest agates ever found in Central Europe and surely he will be inspired to visit  agate-locations in the region, looking at current agate-findings from the Juchem quarry.

The quite variable opening hours of the museum are on the museums website. Admission fees and scale packages are likewise there.